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Artist's Have No Inaminated Friends

Have you ever found that sometimes an inanimate object can be something you develop a relationship with. For example when I was more inclined to write poems, plays and novels rather than create art, I had a special mug. This mug took on a more prominent role than simply being a mug. As it'd be there offering caffeine pick me ups and providing something to satisfy my thirst. It got positively associated as a helper, almost a teammate throughout the writing process. When I got to the end at times you consider it as a shared experience of a kind and a familiarity develops that sees the inanimate object take on a larger role.

Recently I've got more into listening to violin music and one can't help but envy the relationship musicians have with their instrument. The bond must be far stronger than the favourable light I saw my mug in. The mastering of an instrument must be like having a friend to play with for those with the musical passion. I think about the preciousness of the violin and even the coveted instruments like a Stradivarius. It made me think about how little interaction painters have within their medium. The longest thing to get a connection with is a brush, but they don't last long enough really and the more you go through together, the more it deteriorates, like a relationship going nowhere. Each new canvas is like a stranger to get acquainted with, each tube of paint is like a terminal patient looking more withered with each new layer of use. The only thing that endures is the easel and even then what sort of interaction can you have with an easel? What does it provide? It keeps the painting upright and in position, like a back support. So even then what personal growth can be sought together. I love art and I love painting but I do envy the relationship musicians can have with their instrument and how painting artists just don't. The positive is that each new painting as I mentioned is like meeting a stranger and so with it is a fresh experience each time that could blossom into something captivating. Though alternatively explains those that don't grab you that you don't get along well with that end up incomplete and cast aside or painted over. Artists do not have inanimate friends, so in a visual medium must often master the art of conversation in order for our ever new acquaintance to turn out well.

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