Art & Vulnerability

This weekend I attended the Artserve RedEye: Reality Reimagined event in which I had 2 paintings on the wall, one that was called 'Reading Proust' that was designed to be funny and make a joke out of the sort of task it is getting through the 10,000 or so pages of his most significant work, In Search Of Lost Time. The other painting was called 'Reclaiming The Sanctity Of Life'. Now during my time studying Philosophy at university I certainly came across and thought about a hell of a lot of things. One thing that was advanced after the epistemology module of the degree was definitions. I suppose I'd call a defining characteristic is something that's been with you all your life, or something t

Art As Activism

Now I'm not going to lie, doing activism with your art before you're an established artists is a scary prospect. I feel like I'm providing people a way to say no to me before they see my art properly, based on the perspective on an issue that I take with my pieces. It is something that has good and bad in many ways. For a start the same fear I mentioned of being controversial before you're established may infect enable me to stand out and gain an immediate following by those who appreciate the message of my piece. Who knows... but the artifice of art would be at stake if I didn't in fact apply myself in this area, something that is an essential part of me. As I write this my animal rights ac

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