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This is a fun and beautiful image to paint, you could just imagine sitting there beneath the palm trees looking at the water and the nighttime sky in its splendor.


This class is designed to be fun, relaxing and give you a practical video guide to painting this composition of 'The Moon Across The Water'.


You can do this by yourself or arrange a virtual class with inviting friends round and enjoying some drinks and snacks. Its up up to you how you enjoy it. Here's a list of the art supplies you'll need in order to create this painting.


20x16 Inch canvas or canvased panel.
A table easel.

A pencil.
A pallet.
3 synthetic brushes that are sized as slighty larger, one medium and one finer for the different layers of detail.
A water pot.
Acrylic paint of black, white, blue, green and yellow. (In the video I use liquitex basics set)
A rag or tea towel to clean off your brush.
A round stencil for the moon, a plastic cup or a can would work.

A water spray.

Virtual Painting Class For Moon Across The Water

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