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A captivating portrayal of a tiered field in rural Spain. The bold colours compliment the scenic view with the overall intensity increasing the closer one gets to the vast woods, while the ground becomes perplexingly more obscure in its texture. The sun dried Spanish dirt brings together the calm ideal of rural life and the reality of what may lie concealed in the hidden world of the forest - in a region where wolves and lynxes may lurk unseen. The safety of the path is a mellow yellow with a tyre track emphasising the human element of the scene. The colours, backdrop and possible stories combine to make 'The Dog Walk', a magical expression of the fine line between rural and wild; all portrayed in the painting with a remarkable calmness that dampens the fearful elements at first. It can be a bright and colourful backdrop or an ominous warning, depending on how one sees it.

60x50x2cm. Original painting, acrylic on canvas.

The Dog Walk, Original Painting

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