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These virtual classes are a pre-recorded class you can watch and follow along with where ever you are in the world. You get the freedom of enjoying it at your leisure. You can pause if you want to get a drink, replay sections if you want to hear or see something again. Imagine setting up with your friends or family and doing this with a few people. It'd be a creative lot of fun. I list the art supplies you'll need below.


This is an art class for an orca breaching the water. You'll need a set of paint with black, white, blue, green, yellow and red. Three synthetic brushes, one large one for filling in a lot of space fast, a medium/thin sized rounded brush, and one thin brush. You'll need a rag or tea towel you can wipe your brushes on. A water sprayer or just some extra unused water. A water pot, I use a cardboard cup myself in the video. An easel. A 20x16 inch canvas or canvased panel. Plus a pallet.


Upon purchasing the class you can access anytime and as many times as you like.


Orca Breaching The Water, Virtual Painting Class

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