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A close up portrait of this fascinating and endangered species. The eyes express an insight into our cousins world as they look upon you with both suspicion and curiosity amidst the dense green undergrowth. Gorilla are so important in that they are so messed up and driven to extinction by man and the disgusting poaching industry. They also are one of the most powerful land animals, and like most powerful land animals like the rhino, hippo and elephant.. they are plant based. Existing on a vegan diet and yet being the strongest creatures on earth.. Kind of makes the 'where do you get your protein?' reply look as ridiculous as it is. My admiration and intrigue by this species I hope comes through.

This print is 61x31cm. High quality paper and print. The size of the original of 60x30cm with 1cm around the edge.

Curious Gorilla, Fine Art Print

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